Wednesday Swindle

Wednesday 16th October 2019

Meet @ 8:20 - 1st tee 8:32 - Gainsborough course

Monday 7th October 2019

After the weekend floods and on a very grey day, there were 16 hardy souls for today’s swindle.

Congratulations to today’s winners ........

     1st       Mike Moore with 37 points

     2nd     Tony Carman with 36 points

     3rd      Norman Davidson with 35 points on c/b

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

15 players on a good scoring day on Constable. Well done to Malcolm Norton who, with 39 points nudged out Martin Brown on countback. Ian Gault only just behind with 38 points

Wednesday 25th September 2019

11 hardy souls today on a showery morning - one minute sunshine, next a brief downpour. Well done to Terry Mitchell who arrived back into the clubhouse with 39 points, Peter Jay, in second place with 36 points. 2 highlights today - Tony Denmead smacking his ball into a tree on the 2nd and then having to retrace his steps about 100 yards to hit his next shot and Bill Wardle, doing his best to destroy the gym window off the 18th tee - no, he didn't bother goiung to find his ball!

Wednesday 18th September 2019

12 players today on Constable - yet another very pleasant autumn morning. Success today to Richard Middleton with 38 points, nudging out Lionel Hatch and our Captain, Ian Bickers, both with 37 points. Well done Richard.

Wednesday 11th September 2019

9 players today. Well done to Collin Broadhurst who won days comp with 35 points with Robert Ogles in 2nd Place with 33 points.

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Meet @ 8:20 - First tee on Gainsborough @ 8:40

Wednesday 28th August 2019


Wednesday 21st August 2019

Gainsborough course booked for 8:32 - Meet @ 8:20

Wednesday 14th August 2019

8 starters today on Constable but only four finished.
Of the four who braved the torrential rain  Tony Denmead and Dick Lumsden finished with 34 each - with Tony winning on countback. Malcolm Norton 3rd on 30 and Derek Adams 4th on 24.
Tony and Dick donated the £8 pot to the Captains charity and went home to dry off. 

Wednesday 7th August 2019

15 players today - some great scores, well done Robin.
1st Robin Owen 41pts minus 4 shots next time 
2nd Lionel Hatch 38pts minus 2 shots next time.
3rd Tony Carman 37pts minus 1 shot next time.
Followed by 3 players all on 36pts.

Monday 29th July 2019

Only 7 players today on a Gainsborough course in excellent condition. Congratulations to Dave Seymour with an excellent 41 points with a Richard Middleton second with 39 points. Cuts of 3 & 1 respectively next time out.

24th July 2019

9 players today on Constable on a particularly hot and sticky day. A decent number with an Inter Club Match on Gainsborough. Congrats today to Norman Davidson, who with 36 points nudged out Peter Jay - 35 points.

17th July 2019

9 players today on a warm and sunny SbyN day. Victory today to Barry Hitchcock with 37 points being chased all the way by Malcolm Norton with 36 points.

10th July 2019

10 Players in today’s Swindle on Gainsborough - well done to Robin Owen - 39 pts minus 2 shots next time, and Ray Ludlam - 38 pts / minus 1 shot next time.

3rd July 2019

7 players this morning on a Constable course in great condition. Congrats to Martin Brown with 36 points and Paul Sandfield, 35 points on countback from a Gordon Bryan.

12th June 2019

11 players today on a rather miserable morning. Congratulations to Allen Smith who took the honours, nudging out the VC.

1st       Allen Smith       37 pts

2nd      Terry Mitchell    36 pts

w/c 3rd June 2019

No Swindle this week in view of the Stableford on Monday and the Veterans Cup on Wednesday. It is still not too late to enter either of these competitions on HDID.

29th May 2019

Despite another clash with an Inter Club match 14 players today. Congratulations to Richard Middleton, clearly in a vein of great form, with 41 points with David Seymour chasing hard with 39 points.

22nd May 2019

Another clash with an Inter Club Match but still 8 players. Great results from Malcolm Norton with 43 points (40 watt !!!) but only just shading out Richard Middleton with 42 pts, also a great result from a Neil Ashwell with 40 pts - big cuts for all next time out.

15th May 2019

Despite clashing with an Inter Club match 10 players today. Congrats to Tony Carman (36 points) with Peter Hele (35 points) hot on his heels.

10th May 2019

Meet, ready for a draw @ 8:20. First tee @ 8:32 - Gainsborough Course.

  * Please note May Swindle dates - 10th May / 15th May / 22nd May / 29th May

24th April 2019

17 players today, despite clashing with an Inter Club match against Colchester.

Some superb scores but congratulations to Barry Hitchcock with an outstanding 41 points.

1st        Barry Hitchcock      41pts.   cut 4 to 8

2nd      Tony Denmead       39pts.   cut 2 to 11  on c/b

3rd       David Seymour       39pts.   cut 1 to 27

17th April 2019

16 members playing today. 

     1st      Lionel Hatch                     39pts  cut 3

     2nd     Bob Filer                          37pts  cut 2

     3rd     Richard Middleton            35pts  cut 1

Well done Hatchy !!

8th April 2019

14 players today. The glory goes to Martin Brown with 36 points, chased by Tony Carman with 35 points and Terry Mitchell, 34 points. Cuts of 3, 2 and 1 respectively. Well done Martin.

3rd April 2019

17 players today despite accident issues in Sudbury which made travelling arrangements for some a bit tricky. Well done today to Neil Farmer with an excellent 40 points (4 shots down next time, sorry Neil), with Allen Smith on 38 nudging out Norman Davidson, who with 37, came 3rd on countback from a couple of other members.

17 players have now played the qualifying 6 competitions. Current leaders ……

          Tony Denmead                240 points

          Dick Lumsden                  227 points

          Roger Davies                   217 points

27th March 2019

An amazing turnout of 18 this morning, considering there was an Inter Club match being played. Well done to Andrew Cracknell and Tony Denmead, both with an exceptional 42 points. 

     1st. Andrew Cracknell … 42pts... cut 4  c/b

     2nd. Tony Denmead...…..42pts... cut 3

     3rd. Trevor Samways...….37pts...cut 1

18th March 2019

Only 6 players today but the Swindle clashed with the County team trial. The honours today to Barry Hitchcock with 35 points, followed by Trevor Samways, playing one of his last Swindles ahead of his move to Kent, with 31 points.

11th March 2019

On a particularly windy day 10 hardy souls took to the Gainsborough Course. The honours today to Iain Gault (37 pts) edging out Trevor Samways (36 pts) and Malcolm Norton (31 pts)

6th March 2019

14 players today. Well done to Paul Sandfield with an excellent 40 points. Oooops - a cut of 4 shots next time out. 2nd place to Malcolm Norton (37 pts) and 3rd to Norman Davidson (35 pts).

25th February 2019

7 players today but a casual comp, not part of the Swindle. Back to normal next week.

18th February 2019

8 players today - a reasonable turnout considering the team trials - on Constable on a very pleasant morning. Victors today were two very recent members, Malcolm Norton, with 33 points and Neil Farmer with 32 points - cuts of 2 and 1 respectively next time out. Well done to you both.

13th February 2019

18 players today on Gainsborough - a very pleasant Mid February day - more like spring than the tail end of winter. The winner today was Peter Jay with a very creditable 39 points (3 shot cut next time out) edging out Adrian Beckinsale - 37 points and a 2 shot cut and Neil Farmer, playing his first Swindle - 36 points and a 1 shot cut.

6th February 2019

20 players today, all well wrapped up - regretted it after a few holes as it turned out to be a very pleasant morning. At least Alan Line thought it was a pleasant morning as he returned to the clubhouse with a very creditable 40 points and a 4 shot cut next time out. In 2nd place with 38 points was Tony Carman with 38 pts (cut 2) and 3rd place to Norman Davidson with 37 points (cut 1).

30th January 2019

Only 3 very hardy souls for today’s Swindle on a very miserable, cold and snowy day. They struggled their way to the 8th tee and then common sense emerged !!

23rd January 2019

13 players today on a frosty, sharp morning. Temp tees and greens throughout. The weather and course conditions did little to hinder some excellent performances with 3 players turning in scores of 40 points or more. Congratulations to Tony Denmead, winner with an outstanding 44 points nudging out Roger Davies (42 pts) and Dick Lumsden (40 pts).

16th January 2019

An outstanding turnout of 30 for a special Swindle coinciding with Hatchy’s 70th birthday. An excellent days golf concluding with excellent Pauline & Lionel hospitality - very much appreciated.

Leading positions ..........

1st     Dick Lumsden             40 points on c/b

2nd     Alan Smith                 40 on c/b

3rd     Graham Vandervord   40 on c/b

7th January 2019

10 players today. Well done to Tony Denmead with 41 points - a great result.

1st Tony Denmead 41pts next time cut 3 shots.
2nd Dick Lumsden 39pts next time cut 1 shot.

2nd January 2019

22 players today - a great turnout.

1st. 39pts. Ian Bickers  c/b from

2nd. Paul Sandfield. 39pts.

3rd. Adrian Cherry  36pts.   c/b

4th Tony Carmen 36pts

............. cuts of 3. 2 and 1 respectively

19th December 2018

6 players this week. Well done this week to Phil Hickley with 39 points edging out Alex Giddens with 37 points. Cuts of 2 & 1 next time out.  

12th December 2018

Back to a Wednesday and a dozen members playing on a Constable course which was in very good condition considering the rain over the past week. We were joined today by Adrian Cherry, making his first Swindle appearance, and Andrew Cracknell who, at a mere 52, is too young to join the Seniors but is retired and looking forward to meeting and playing with more SBN members - Adrian and Andrew were both made very welcome.

Congratulations today to Peter Jay who, with 37 points off an already penalised handicap, edged out Dick Lumsden on countback, with Rob Ogles coming in with 33 points. Penalties of 3, 2 and 1 shot next time out.

3rd December 2018

14 players today - well done to David Drew with an outstanding 42 points. Further great scores from a Rod Harman with 40 points and Tony Denmead with 39 points - still excellent scores.

28th November 2018

7 hardy souls playing Gainsborough on a windy, showery day. Well done to Dick Lumsden with 36 points comfortably ahead of Peter Jay with a more modest 32 points.

19th November 2018

Disappointing turnout of 4 on what was not the nicest of November days - what can we really expect? The glory today to Tony Denmead with 36 points - a clear winner. Well done Tony.

14th November 2018

A dozen players today, good turnout, to play on Gainsborough. 3 players come in with 35 points with Roger Davies edging out both Tony Denmead and Dick Lumsden on countback. 3, 2 and 1 shot lost next time out.

7th November 2018

A very thin Swindle today - inevitable bearing in mind the iffy weather forecasts. Only 3 players, star performance from Bob Filer with 35 points, nudging out his old mate Dave Austin on countback. Dick Lumsden hung on in there with 30 points.