Senior Captain’s Drive-in and Monthly Stableford - 11th November 2019


Monday 11th November.

Senior Captain’s Drive-in and Monthly Stableford

An extremely disappointing start to Terry Mitchell’s year as our new Captain. The recent very wet weather did just about manage to stop for a few minutes to allow Terry and his new Vice Captain, Pete Robins, to tee off but the sensible decision had been taken to cancel today’s competition.

Under considerable pressure, us Seniors are not the most sympathetic of souls, Terry managed his Drive In at 129 yards. The winner of the Drive In prize was David Giles, who’s guess of 125 yards was the closest, with Simon Dainty, runner up with 134 yards.

Anyone see where that went ?

Our new VC did an extremely good job getting support for the Drive In comp - well done Pete.

Got yer !!! Now for next years !!