Clubs for sale - please provide us with the details and we will see what we can achieve in selling clubs or other items for you.


A donation to the section would be appreciated for any items sold through the site.





How do I do it and what’s the procedure

All sales and services must be golf related items although that covers a wide variety of things. Please make sure that all items are in a saleable condition and safe. please read carefully the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of every web page.

The procedure for SALES is quite simple

  • Make up a description of the item, a sale price and contact details
  • Take a digital photograph if possible
  • Add any other details that you think will help the sale ( keep it short and snappy)
  • Email all of the details to the following address




Could not be easier

If you don’t have any computing skills – write it down and give it to any Seniors' Committee Member.

It will be expected that 5% of the final sale price will be donated by the seller to the Captain's Charity.



Items currently for sale ……………………