John Day Trophy v Chelmsford - 14th June 2019



Stoke By Nayland    6      Chelmsford     3


After several days of poor weather Stoke by Nayland welcomed Chelmsford Golf Club on Friday 14th June for their third round tie on The Constable Course.

Considering the recent weather the course was in good condition.

Handicaps were fairly evenly balanced with Stoke giving shots on some of the later games.

Some very impressive performances were put in with Peter Jay, Peter Garnett and Malcolm Norton all winning 6&5. These were supported by Bob Filer  winning 5&4, Adrian Cherry 5&3 and Steve Tree winning 2&1.

Adrian getting a hole in one on the 8th helped his cause.

The  final result was Stoke by Nayland 6 Chelmsford 3

Congratulations to all the team who played their part in getting us into the last eight and we now look forward to the draw on Monday 17th June.

Fingers crossed for a home one.



Many thanks to Lionel Hatch for both his managerial responsibilities, organising and motivating the team, and his report of today’s match.



Team result; Win 6-3

Stoke by Nayland​​​    Chelmsford

Peter Jay ​​​v​ Kevin Pallett​​                               Win 6&5

Bob Filer​​​​  v​  Stephen Webb​                          Win 5&4

Pete Robins ​​ ​v​  David Evans​​                         Lost 5&4

Steve Tree​​  ​v​  Peter Tourle​​                            Win 2&1

Peter Garnett  ​​v​  Nick Pilgrim​​                        Win 6&5

Tony Denmead​​  v​  Gary Dunn​​                       Lost 3&2

Howard Emerson​  v  Geoff Wright​​                 Lost 3&2

Malcolm Norton​​  v​  Gary Downs​​                   Won 6&5

Adrian Cherry​​  v  Stephen Pearson              Won 5&3