Inter Club Match v Haverhill - Constable - 4th September 2019


Inter Club Match v Haverhill - Constable Course


Stoke by Nayland      7      Haverhill        1


As the 2019 match season nears its close, there was only one club which still had a chance of “doing the double” over SbN – Haverhill.

And the visitors were in confident mood in the team room as the pairings were announced. 

Sadly for them however, their confidence was badly misplaced, with the SbN boys in no mood to be rolled over, running out comfortable winners as the early morning rain gave way to warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.

There was much grumbling over lunch about the SbN handicaps – but the simple truth was that we played to ours and they didn’t.

Match 1   Ian Bickers and Brian Castle   won 2 and 1

This turned out to be one of the closest matches, with never more than one hole in it until the end. Haverhill captain Steve Nichols couldn’t believe he parred seven holes on the front nine, yet was still all square at the tun.   Captain Ian used his shots well, and at the right time, parring 15 and 17 to finish the match.

Match 2  Adrian Cherry and Dick Lumsden  won 6 ad 5

It would be easy to say that this was another routine big win for Team Cherry. But since your reporter was playing with him, I’m not going to say that.  We dovetailed well, with Adrian winning 4 holes and me winning 3. Four up at the turn, I won the 12th and set it up nicely for Adrian to drop his ball on a sixpence just six feet from the pin on the 13th – winning closest the pin and holing out for a birdie 2 to seal the victory.

Match 3 John Simpson and Collin Broadhurst  won 8 and 6

Our biggest win of the match with John and Collin not allowing their opponents to win a single hole. Collin in fact parred 13 of the 18 holes which prompted opponent Ian Evans to claim afterwards they were “so good it was unsporting”. Five up at the turn John and Collin never took their foot of the pedal (metaphorically of course, otherwise John’s buggy would never have stopped), winning the next three to shake hands on the 12th green.

Match 4 David Drew and Steve Stacey  won 4 and 3

The early stages of this one were a bit cat and mouse. But relax, our boys were just toying with them. On the 7th tee, David could even afford to reload, sending it up the fairway for three and then getting in in three more for a net par to halve the hole. But that was enough pussy footing around. David then went on a run of four straight pars to build a lead which our pair held until the end.

Match 5 Terry Mitchell and Neil Ashwell  won 1 up

This was another close match in the early stages. Both Terry and Neil let putts slide away at various points on the front nine and saw themselves one down at the turn. But they gave themselves a good talking to and won 10,11 and 12 to edge in front. There was one minor hiccup in the closing holes, but they stood on the 18th tee 1 up and managed to halve the last for a tight win

Match 6 Malcom Jones and Ed Daniels won 5 and 3

There was never any sense of drama in this match, with Mal and Ed always in control. True, they were only 1 up at the turn, but they had plenty in reserve. Between them, our boys had seven pars on the back 9, which opponent Peter Own described as “totally reprehensible”. Sour grapes if you ask me. Handshakes all round on the 15th green.

Match 7 Peter Hele and Ray Ludlum won 5 and 3

The 15th green was a popular spot for handshaking today, with Pete and Ray also finishing their match high up on the hill. For a West Ham fan and a Spurs fan to be paired together might have been asking for trouble, especially with our team playing in claret. But they put their football differences aside and paired well to go 2 up at the turn, accelerating away as smoothly as a Premier League midfielder to put the match to bed early doors.

Match 8 Peter Jay and Alan Line  lost 2 and 1

Well, it would have been embarrassing to have registered a complete whitewash. Alan held his end up as well as any Test batsman, but Peter (in his own words) had a dreadful day at the office. In my words, having just come back from Disneyland Florida, maybe he was still a bit too much taken with Mickey Mouse?  But, in fairness to our pair, John Levey from Haverhill (playing off 17) shot 9 better than handicap on the front 9, bagging 27 points. 27 points I hear you cry, that’s obscene! But it does go some way to explaining why Peter and Alan found the going tough.


Many thanks to Dick Lumsden for his report of today’s match against Haverhill. 


        1. Ian Bickers - Captain


Brian Castle


        2. Adrian Cherry


Dick Lumsden - Reporter              


        3. John Simpson


Collin Broadhurst


        4. David Drew


Steve Stacey


        5. Terry Mitchell


Neil Ashwell


        6. Malcolm Jones


Ed Daniels


        7. Peter Hele


Ray Ludlam


        8. Peter Jay


Alan Line