Inter Club Match v Frinton - Away - 10th June 2019



Inter Club Match v Frinton - Away - 10th June 2019


Frinton        3½         Stoke By Nayland     3½


Due to a lorry breaking down on the A12 SBN were unable to field a full team today as two of our team were caught up in the queues.

The day started with a surprise as it was not raining when we arrived at Frinton but we knew it was only a matter of time.

Match 1 this week our Captain was paired with Collin Broadhurst and everything looked good until whatever golf gps the group were using seemed to go wrong as after the 10th hole instead of going left to the 11th tee the group walked straight up the hill into the clubhouse. Match halved.

Match 2 Paul Sandfield (the reporter) and Adrian Cherry played well as a team on the front nine and were able to get to the turn 1 over which resulted in a lead of 5 up. But this was a game of two halves as the Frinton boys started to fight back and looked set to cut the lead to two on the 14th until Adrian hit a fantastic bunker shot to two inches and eventually the SBN prevailed 2&1.

Match 3 Peter Jay was paired with Malcolm Norton and even before they teed off the Frinton Captain made his team aware that both of our players had recently has their handicaps cut by 2. On the first green Peter said "if only I could putt I would be a decent golfer" just before he held a 10 footer for par and then went on to hold everything for the rest of the round. Our in form team continued to play well and despite them saying it was much closer than the score suggests run out clear winners 5&4. 

Match 4 John Jardine and Will Love were always in the game but never led all day and despite John holding a "monstrous" uphill putt of anything up to 30 yards, according who you talk to, they found themselves dormie 2 down on the 17th tee. A well played par by Will took it down the 18th but our team were just unable to complete the fight back losing 2 down.

Match 5 Bob Filer and Howard Emerson had a tough day with Bob commenting that the worst five words in the English dictionary are "I get a shot here!". Howard admitted he had a nightmare and although Bob fought bravely our boys ended up losing 4&3.

Match 6 Roy Sims and Ray Ludlam had a tough day especially as Roy admitted he had a dreadful day and on more than one occasion ended up hitting his ball towards the wrong green. Ray kept the the game close before our team succumbed 3&1.

Match 7 John Parkinson and Keith Prichard played the perfect game. Having started on the 4th hole both players played well and thanks to Keith having 3 sandy pars on the par three's the team were able to avoid having to go down the 1st by completing the win on the 18th green 4&3. 

Match 8 voided as SBN were unable to field a team.

Everybody commented how welcoming the Frinton team were and with a great show of sportsmanship their Captain did not claim Match 8 leaving the overall score a draw.


Many thanks to Paul Sandfield on his excellent report of the Frinton fun and games. Hopefully everyone dries out quickly!


          Team ...........

     1. Ian Bickers (Captain)

Collin Broadhurst

     2. Paul Sandfield (Reporter)

Adrian Cherry

     3. Peter Jay

Malcolm Norton

     4. John Jardine

Will Love

     5. Bob Filer

Howard Emerson

     6. Roy Sims

Ray Ludlam

     7. John Parkinson

Keith Prichard