Inter Club Match v Braintree - Away - 10th July 2019

Inter Club Match v Braintree - Away - 10th July 2019


BRAINTREE       3        STOKE BY NAYLAND        5


A delightfully pleasant morning greeted our keen competitors with Braintree Golf Course  in beautiful condition with tight fairways and fast running greens.  What more could we have asked for?  Good golf I suppose and many of our team produced it.


The captain is obviously picking his partners as Bobby had, only yesterday, played to his age; not difficult when you’re that old!  However today he missed a two foot putt on the last, a full 360°, to leave the match all square.


David Wilson and yours truly fought hard to keep in the game.  2 down after 9 holes, we managed to pull it back, only for the opposition to win the 16th leaving us needing a win on the 18th to halve.  And so it was.


Gordon the bandit with the ever trusty 5-wood was seen as the constant threat with Alan playing a strong supportive role.  For those of you who know Braintree, Alan’s drive on the 11th was just short of the cross bunker, judged to be in the region of 340yds!  What a big boy!  They won 3 and 1.


Mike had one of his good days and was deemed, by Tony, to be a demi-god. Only demi as Tony played almost as well, the opposition stating that they dove-tailed particularly well.  They ran out 5 and 4 winners.


John and the ever consistent Ray, stormed to an early lead and were 5 up after 9 holes.  It was John’s first match this season and he was obviously thoroughly enjoying it.  However, all things must end and the 2nd 9 saw a turnaround in fortunes. With only the 18th left to play they were back to only 1 up but they won the 18th to finish 2 up.


There are some things you can rely on and then there’s Roy.  Norman said that he had knee trouble but still played quite well.  Roy said that if only Norman had played better they could have won.  As it turned out they lost 4 and 2.


The two Peters got off to a very positive start being 3 up after 9 holes.  You would have expected them to cruise to victory but unfortunately they sank to a defeat finishing by losing the last to lose 1 down.


I’ve heard stories of this Tony Denmead fellow and today they were all proved true!  He left his driver at home and used his 3-wood all the way round.  Three birdies later and only 120yds for his 2nd shot on the Stroke 1 hole, he demolished the opposition.  Brian also played well but their opponents must have fought hard for they only lost 2 and 1.


Jacket and tie?  What’s that all about on a beautiful summer’s day?  However, the meal was excellent, chicken and ham pie with summer fruit cheesecake and coffee to follow.


Everyone knew the punchline of the Braintree captain’s joke when he was only half way through and our captain, recognising that there were two halved matches gave one to us and one to them saying that the score was 4½ to 3½.  Mr. Captain, two halves make a whole!  The final score was a resounding Stoke win of 5 to 3.



Many thanks to John Williams for his very prompt reporting of todays match - cheers John.



        1. Ian Bickers - Captain

Bob Filer                                          

        2. John Williams - Reporter

David Wilson

        3. Allen Smith

Gordon Bryan

        4. Mike Moore

Tony Carman

        5. Ray Firth

John Wheatley

        6. Roy Sims

Norman Davidson

        7. Peter Jay

Peter Robins

        8. Brian Castle

Tony Denmead