Inter Club Match v Hintlesham - Gainsborough - 7th August 2019


Inter Club Match v Hintlesham - 7th August 2019


Stoke by Nayland     7½      Hintlesham     ½


As usual we arrived in the Champions lounge for coffee and banter and to meet the opposing players a few of which had been members at SBN, at least one from each pair.  The weather was clear and not too hot, although that must have been in SBN’s favour, when you see the results of the matches.

One match (Peter Hele and David Hunter) went for the “honourable draw”, but the other 7 matches were all won, ranging from 2 up, to 6 and 4 wins.  Most pairs reported that the first nine holes were close then after “amen corner” things went our way. 

Most of the match pairs had nothing amusing to report except one of our pairs (Tony Denmead and Dick Lumsden) who told of their opponent’s bag rolling bank to the side of the 17thgreen and his partner driving his buggy into the bushes, out of bounds behind the 5th green.  I can only assume that they were ‘driven to distraction’.

I must admit that the nearest the pin on the 3rd hole was won by a terrific shot showing control of distance and spin, which led to a birdy two.  Modesty forbids me to reveal the name!!

On a final note, I did notice our Captain’s match imitated Dr David Bellamy on the 5th hole, for most of the latter part (the long grass) of the par 5.  It’s a good job they were tall enough, or we might have lost them!


Many thanks to Ian McKay for his report on the Hintlesham match


     1. Ian Bickers  - Captain


Adrian Cherry                           


     2. Ian McKay - Reporter


Ray Firth


     3. John Parkinson


Richard Saunders 


     4. Alan Smith


Norman Davidson


     5. Peter Hele


David Hunter 


     6. Malcolm Jones


Richard Middleton


     7. Dave Wilson


Neil Ashwell


     8. Tony Denmead


Dick Lumsden