Inter Club Match v Haverhill - Away - 4th June 2019

Inter Club Match v Haverhill - Away - 4th June 2019




1. Capt  Ian Bickers and  Bob Filer. Won 5-3 They gelled well together all the match. On The 10th   the Haverhill Captain got a Birdie 3 but Bob putted in for a Par with a shot matching the birdie. 

2. Brian Castle and Ed Daniels.        Lost 5-4  After 4 Holes - 4 down. Then played some better golf up until the 14th  Great Company. Enjoyable Course. Greens very Good and got in before the rain.

3. Malcolm Jones and Ray Ludlam. Lost 1-Down  Good game all the way to the last.   4 holes and 2up. Then let the team down. But enjoyable with good company. Mel did say that Ray had still not got over the Tottenham football match.

4. Roger Davies and Alan Hand.  Lost 7-6  Started a good clean game. Tee to Green ok but from the first green the opposition putted like demons all the way to the 12th  Green. Game over - walked in.

5. Howard Emerson and Alan Lines.  Lost 4-3 Very good enjoyable game. Right up to the 13th hole when the opposition with so many stories putted or chipped in from 50yds.  60yds. 70yds. 88yds. Alan said that “player ruined the match”.

6. Terry Mitchell. and Steve Ling.  Half. Very close game over eighteen holes. Terry said “we had played so much golf in bunkers we should have brought our bucket and spades. When the rain came down on the last hole the opposition said “honourable half”. Both teams happy to agree.

7. Tony Denmead and Ray Firth.   Won 1 up.  2 up after 9 all square after 18. Offered honourable half. Tony said No. Played the last and won the last. The ‘Man of the Moment’,  Ray Firth, won the hole.

8. Mike Moore and Richard Middleton.  Lost 2-1   Very good and close game all the way to the 18th despite one of the opponents receiving 10 shots. Hardly needed the 10 shots. On two par 4 holes he managed to bird the holes with a shot. 4 net 2. Our pairing not too happy.

The Course was in great condition, great greens, very enjoyable meal.

Very nice day - enjoyed by all.                                                                                        

The last four groups got caught in the rain. - hard luck !!


Many thanks to Brian Castle for his report on the Haverhill away match - thanks Brian.


Team ...............

1. Ian Bickers - Captain


Bob Filer


2. Brian Castle - Reporter


Ed Daniels


3. Malcolm Jones


Ray Ludlam


4. Roger Davies 


Alan Hands


5. Howard Emerson


Alan Line


6. Terry Mitchell 


Steve Ling


7. Tony Denmead


Ray Firth


8. Mike Moore


Richard Middleton