Inter Club Match v Gosfield - Away - 9th May 2019


Inter Club Match v Gosfield  - 9th May 2019


Gosfield       3     Stoke By Nayland      5


With the Irish Gosfield Captain announcing players like Bob Filter, and Tony Deadmeat......and 5 x 4 & 3 results ( albeit one a loss ) and 2 Ian's, 2 Phil's, and 2 David's playing together, this was going to be an interesting day. 

Ian Bickers and Ian McKay.   Lost 1 down. 

All due to one of the oppose sinking a 100ft.putt on the 18th....( poetic license on the length ) Ian McKay nearly caught the Captain's ball as it fell from a tree....I wondered where balls came from!!

Bob Filter ( yours truly ) and Dick Lumsden.   Won 4 & 3

According to Dick, he won 4, I won 2, 12 halved ( yawn ) but I did get excited about the wonderful looking Egyptian Geese that fled out of the 3rd. hole pond as my ball went in.

Dave Austin & David Drew ( no they didn't ) they won 4 & 3

Mr. Drew failed again to get a hole in one on the 17th. but to be fair he did hit the pin, and stopped 10 inches away to win the prize.  Dave Austin allegedly holed several monster putts.....I'll get him to run through them later.

Roger Davies & Alan Hands    lost 2 & 1

Roger ( he's Welsh you know ) claimed that oppo' Andy had a dyslexic handicap?, don't get it Roger, tell me about it in the bra next time we meet.  Clever of you to get on "Cottons Choice" in two.   Hope you had a peaceful round Alan. 

Mike Moore & Malcolm Norton    won 4 & 3

Another great win from late stand in Mike ( hope Peter Hele's back gets better soon) and aided admirably by Malcolm. 

Tony Deadmeat & Brian Castle    won 4 & 3

Sorry to repeat the Captain's cockup again Tony, but you have to live with mispronunciations in this outfit !!     Well done Brian as the par 3 king, inc.a birdie.

Keith Prichard & Gordon Brian    won 1 up

Well done boy's.  Gordy just keeps going on about his win on the VC tour......I just had to get away 

Phil Hickley & Phil Ledger   lost 4 & 3

You two just wanted to be part of the 4 & 3 results!   And what honesty to say that the oppo's played's quite refreshing.    Well done Mr. Secretary for stepping in for the VC.


Many thanks to Bob Filer for arranging the report of Gosfield match.




       1. Ian Bickers - Captain


Ian McKay


       2. Bob Filer - Reporter


Dick Lumsden


       3. Roger Davies


Alan Hands


       4. Mike Moore


Malcolm Norton


       5. Phil Hickley


Phil Ledger


       6. Keith Pritchard


Gordon Bryan


       7. Tony Denmead


Brian Castle


       8. Dave Austin


David Drew