Inter Club Match v Burnham On Crouch - Gainsborough - 22nd May 2019



Inter Club Match v Burnham on Crouch - Gainsborough - 22nd May 2019




A beautiful day greeted the two teams with hardly a cloud in the sky, just a gentle breeze and the Gainsborough course in immaculate condition and so to the introductions. 

Players from our opponents not arriving some late due to sat/nav diversions and to top it all no two tee start. It was no wonder our Captain got so frustrated with all the chopping and changing that the match sheets got tossed into the air.

Then there was Bobby Filer going on about being stuck on a £400,000 coach half the night to anybody who’d listen. Apparently wedged up against a brick wall which when driven off did an indeterminate amount of damage to the coach and the driver’s reputation. No Buggies available for him to use because he was feeling so tired that he didn’t think he would make it round the course. So it was agreed he should join Dave Wyllie in his buggy and Dave Drew joining the Vice Captain Terry Mitchell.

Then out of nowhere a buggy appeared with a happy smiling chappie and it was back to the original pairings. “You couldn’t make it up could you Roger” and so to the golf

Match number one Captain Ian Bickers ably assisted by Paul Sandfield against the Burnham pairing of Keith Crombie (Captain) and Harry Hastwell who had replaced David Frost who by the way was still making his way to the club. 

After a lot of confusion on the first tee about who was playing with who the match got underway and apart from Harry or was it Dave hitting the same tree twice, chipping up to within 2 ft of the pin and sinking the putt. Captain Ian birdying the 15th the match had little further incident resulting in a 4&3 win for the Stoke opening pair.  Oh and by the way Paul Sandfield winning the Stoke nearest the pin on the 7th Well done Paul!

In the second match after all the shenanigans with his buggy Bob Filer and Vice Captain Terry Mitchell had a very enjoyable match with Len Bailey who won the nearest the pin for Burnham on the 3rd and then missed the putt to lose the hole to a Terry Mitchell birdie “yes one putt” and Don Evans winning 6&4

In the next match Roger Davies and Ray Firth were up against Peter Hipsey and Gary Fisher had the inevitable comment from Ray that Roger played really well “again” sinking three birdies and several pars resulting in a routine win 6&5. Apparently Ray did contribute but he couldn’t remember where.

Not much to comment on in the next match apart from Peter Houghton arriving for lunch in his Eric Morecambe shorts ”Not a pretty sight” who with John Williams walked all over poor Seamus McGee who had to play on his own because his partner didn’t make it, but by all accounts put up a great fight in losing 4&2 and as a gesture of friendship rescued Peters trolley from a bunker with his own ending up in a load of stinging nettles “Nasty”

In the fifth match Mike Moore and Gordon Bryan played against the effervescent Derrick Pearson and Joe Elgie winning 3&2. Apparently “Flash” Gordon duffed his drive on the 15th rolled his second down to the bottom of the hill, chipped up to within a couple of feet and sank the putt for a par. So Mike had nothing to do being a virtual spectator as Gordon just kept on doing the business “lucky f----r” was a popular comment from their opponent’s.

Pete Robins and the unfortunate Colin Jackson played against David Frost and the late replacement Brian Lorrimer winning 3&2 but not without incident. Colin collapsing on the 16th tee requiring Pete to adopt the roll of paramedic and confining Colin to Dave Wyllie’s buggy for the rest of the round.

Dave playing with David Drew were really up against it with Dave’s current handicap not reflecting the state of his game at present and having to give away buckets of shots to the opposition the inevitable happened losing to John Hutton and Bob Willett 4&2

In the final match Dave Seymour and Brian Castle played superbly according to their opponents Dai Lester and Martin Brown (not our Martin I hasten to add) racing to 3 up only to be pegged back and going 1 down, but powering back to eventually win 2&1

Sandwiches and warm chips followed. OK but! 

I understand the reasons which were to allow Burnham to get away before the rush hour, but bang in the middle of the School run.


Many thanks to Terry Mitchell for his full and entertaining report of the BOC match.


   1. Ian Bickers        (Captain)


Paul Sandfield


   2. Terry Mitchell     (Reporter)


Bob Filer


   3. Roger Davies


Ray Firth


   4. John Williams


David Seymour


   5. Mike Moore


Gordon Bryan


   6. Peter Robins


Colin Jackson


   7. David Wyllie


David Drew


   8. Brian Castle


David Seymour