The Golf Challenge Trophy - Braintree GC - 10th June 2019


The Golf Challenge Trophy 2019
     Venue - Braintree GC - Monday 10th June
                   (Runners up last year at Gosfield GC)


The Stoke members, resplendent in their Burgundy team jumpers, turned up along with five other clubs to a Braintree course reputed to be in the best condition ever (according to David Yates) to compete in the annual Golf Challenge.

Unfortunately no one got to see how good the course was as we arrived in torrential rain that was due to persist all day. The optimists amongst us with their mobile phones, stated that there was only a 96% chance of rain and was it worth waiting for the 4% when it wasn’t due to rain.

There was little enthusiasm from the Stoke boys to play in the rain and at a subsequent meeting called of the Team Captains to decide a way forward, it took close on a second to decide the event should be postponed and hopefully played at a later date.

This appeared to have been a good decision, as on leaving the clubhouseit was obvious that the only way you could have played the course was with snorkel and flippers.


The proposed date for holding the competition is now Monday 21st October.


Many thanks to Norman Davidson for his report of today’s abortive comp.