4 Ball Better Ball Stableford - Gainsborough - 30th October 2019








     1st      Steve Tree & Ray Firth  46 points

     2nd     Reg Reid & Ian Bickers 44 points

     3rd      Collin Broadhurst & Adrian Cherry 42 points on count back


     4th      Graham Vandervord & John Wheatley 42 pts

     5th      Peter Hele and Dave Seymour 41 pts

     6th      Dick Lumsden and Howard Emerson 41 pts

     7th      Paul Sandfield and Norman Davidson 41 pts

     8th      Eric Fisher and Brian Castle 41 pts

     9th      Tony Denmead and Robert Ogles 39 pts

     10th     Roy Sims and Neil Ashwell 39 pts

     11th     Phil Hickley and Paul Sheffield 38 pts

     12th     Martin Brown and Lionel Hatch 38 pts

     13th     Tony Carman and Terry Mitchell 38 pts

     14th     Barry Hitchcock and Bill Wardle 37 pts

     15th     Roger Fleuty and Alan Hands 37 pts

     16th     Allen Smith and Richard Middleton 37 pts

     17th     Mike Moore and Alan Austin 37 pts

     18th     Peter Garnett and Rob Giles 36 pts

     19th     Robin Owen and David Giles 34 pts

     20th     Steve Ling and David Austin 34 pts

     21st     David Drew and Colin Jackson 32 pts

     22nd    Alex Giddens and Neil Farmer 32 pts

     23rd     Ian Mackay and Ray Ludlum 32 pts

     24th     Mal Jones 31 pts

     25th     Roger Davies and Gordon Bryan 30 pts

     26th     John Williams and Dave Wyllie 29 pts

     27th     Peter Robins and Keith Oxborrow 26 pts

     28th     Rod Harman 26 pts 


Tony Carman had a hole in one on the 3rd Gainsborough and provided Brandy for all and sundry.



Congratulations to Steve Tree and Ray Firth. Also to Tony Carman on his HIO



A great morning with the course looking in excellent shape.